Christie is a leading expert on how we can harness the power of intentional risk-taking to create more dynamic and vibrant careers and organizations.


Christie is a leading expert on how we can harness the power of intentional risk-taking to create more dynamic and vibrant careers and organizations.

Christie Hunter Arscott is an award-winning advisor, speaker, and author of the book Begin Boldly: How Women Can Reimagine Risk, Embrace Uncertainty, and Launch A Brilliant Career.

For organizations –  Named by Thinkers50 as one of the top management thinkers likely to shape the future of business, Christie provides research-driven insights, practical tools and strategic advisory support to help leaders build more inclusive, dynamic, and vibrant companies where women and underrepresented colleagues can rise and thrive.

For individuals – With over fifteen years of research and client service focused on women in the workplace, Christie offers career coaching with a gender-intelligent lens. Christie’s work is dedicated to sharing actionable insights, techniques, and tools to help women design careers, lives, and legacies that are bold and brilliant.


Career Intensive

For select clients, Christie offers a custom Career Strategy and Action Planning intensive where you will work on a specific opportunity or challenge that you are facing.

Career-defining moments benefit from the support of an experienced external partner. With the support of Christie, you will define the problem or opportunity, brainstorm solutions, and come up with a plan for action. This intensive can be customized to meet your needs, whether you are in your first role or in a C-suite role.

What is included


Pre-session communications and questions to understand the context, align on key areas of priority, and define the desired outcomes of the session

One-on-One Intensive

A 90 minute in-person or virtual strategy session

Accountability & Enhancement

A 1-hour follow-up and accountability call, within one month of the session, to ensure execution, debrief on approaches and tactics tried, and brainstorm enhancements (using a try-it-and-tweak-it approach!)

Strategic Advisory Services

Do your inclusion outcomes match your intentions? If not, it is time to close the gap.

Most of the leaders with whom Christie has worked have great intent but these intentions aren’t translating into measurable impact.

With deep expertise and research-driven insights, Christie supports corporate executives in ensuring that their strategies are evidence-based, actionable, and enduring.

It is time to leave a lasting legacy on your organization through building a dynamic and inclusive culture, where women and underrepresented employees can build brilliant careers.

Minimum of a six-month commitment.

Private Career Coaching

Christie translates data-driven insights and tried-and-tested approaches into actionable frameworks and tools that equip women to take charge of their careers in a strategic and proactive way.

Christie’s approach is rooted in fifteen years of research, advisory work, coaching, and program delivery within the gender and leadership fields. She supports women as they navigate their career journeys with a focus on strategically approaching critical career and life transitions, negotiating, communicating powerfully and persuasively, optimizing their time, having difficult conversations, cultivating strong connections, interrupting bias, and honing their leadership skills, among other targeted areas.

Minimum of a six-month commitment.

Corporate Cohort Programs

Bring the principles, lessons, and tools of Christie’s research to the women in your organization.

Christie’s in-house cohort programs for women are highly customizable coaching experiences for a distinct group of women delivered over six-months to a year. 

Christie takes a holistic approach to career design that focuses on equipping women with both the skill sets and mindsets that are essential for professional growth and career development. 

She provides cohorts with the tools to take intelligent risks, navigate change and the unknown, and ultimately rise within your organization, while making meaningful contributions to your culture and clients.

Begin Boldly On Campus

With her unique blend of both academic and advisory expertise, Christie bridges the gap between research and practice for women who are preparing to launch their careers.

Christie works with universities, on-campus women’s associations and groups, college educators, and career centers to bring the Begin Boldly Method to women during their undergraduate or postgraduate years. Depending on the needs of the students and desired outcomes, the program can be offered over the course of a semester or can be adapted to shortened formats for intensive weekend sessions or week-long programs.

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praise for christie

“Christie is a powerhouse woman who I had the pleasure of working with during my time as Chief Next Generation Officer at Bacardi Limited..

Christie delivers the stamina, energy and accountability to help you achieve your full potential and thrive in times of inevitable life defining moments.

Working with Christie was a revolutionary ride of turning ordinary challenges into extraordinary opportunities.”

Nim De Swardt

Global Chief Next Generation Officer, Bacardi Limited

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Christie is a leading expert on how we can harness the power of intentional risk-taking to create more dynamic and vibrant careers and organizations.

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