Offering a framework for identifying and making the bold moves that will get your career off to its best start.


Rhodes Scholars

Begin Boldly selected as 120 significant books by Rhodes Scholars


Begin Boldly selected as a Must Read Book About Women In The Workplace by Forbes

Rhodes Scholars

Begin Boldly was selected as one of the 120 significant books by Rhodes scholars


Begin Boldly was selected as a ‘Must Read Book About Women In The Workplace’ by Forbes

“In her undeniably significant book, Christie gives the most important advice for early-stage women leaders: build a friendship with risk and uncertainty. It is the key differentiator between an average career and a brilliant career.

Even better– she shows you how.

This gem of a book is a valuable resource for every woman, at every stage, who has big dreams and aspirations.”

Betsy Myers

Author of Take The Lead, Former Senior Adviser on Women’s Issues to President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton

Begin Boldly is for you,
if you are:

A woman in the first ten years of her professional journey who desires to make strategic and intentional moves to lay the foundation for an exciting and fulfilling career for years to come
A student or recent graduate who is transitioning into a first job or internship in the not-too-distant future and wants to enter the world of work equipped with the tools and techniques to build a brilliant career

A mentor, coach, or career advisor who wants to be equipped to best support women in their careers

An educator or career counselor who wants to make a meaningful impact on students by setting them up for success when they transition into the workforce
An organizational leader who is deeply committed to advancing women and wants to harness research-proven strategies to build a more equitable and inclusive organizations

An employee or leader who wants to start a women’s group at an organization (Begin Boldly’s 12 chapters can serve as the foundation for a 12-month women’s connection and education program)

A parent who wants to positively contribute to your daughter’s career journey

A woman at any career stage who desires to connect more deeply, take chances more intentionally, and live more boldly each and every day

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Your time is now

Brilliant careers aren’t built
without bold moves

It’s about taking the right risks for lasting success.

Have you ever shied away from taking a risk? Maybe you didn’t apply for a job because you didn’t meet 100 percent of the requirements or passed up the opportunity to take on a challenging role because you didn’t feel ready. 

If you can relate, you are not alone. Despite recognizing the benefits of making bold moves, most women–especially those early in their careers–struggle to harness the power of risk-taking. Begin Boldly changes that.

Christie Hunter Arscott equips readers to intelligently take risks using an actionable model built around three mindsets: a curious mindset, a courageous mindset, and an agile mindset. With a step-by-step method for taking risks, assessing rewards, and refining approaches, she gives women a flexible and repeatable framework to guide them through this critical career skill.

Begin Boldly inspires women to take chances on themselves and turns risk-taking into an enlightening and empowering antidote for self-doubt. As Christie reminds us, the biggest risk for women is not taking any risks at all.

Listen to an excerpt

The Risk-Taking Ritual

Listen to this excerpt from Chapter 2 of Begin Boldly where
Christie details her framework for building a risk-taking habit.

Praise for the book

“Christie Hunter Arscott is one of our generation's foremost thinkers when it comes
to women's advancement in the workplace.”
Begin Boldly is a much-needed manifesto for women looking to launch their careers on the right foot and set themselves up for long-term success. By focusing on risk, Hunter Arscott brings a unique and helpful angle to the conversation by introducing the idea that uncertainty is to be embraced rather than eschewed. Any ambitious young woman would be wise to add Begin Boldly to the top of her reading list.
Annie Wang and Windsor Hanger Western
“Christie Hunter Arscott has devoted her entire career to fighting for women’s inclusion in the workplace.”
Christie Hunter Arscott has devoted her entire career to fighting for women’s inclusion in the workplace—and now, she’s written an indispensable guide for women early in their careers and bridged the gap between aspiration and success with an accessible blend of research and real talk. I’ll be giving copies as gifts to all the young women in my life.
Clare O’Connor
Global Head of Editorial Content, Bumble, and former staff writer, Forbes
“A powerful message and an equally powerful messenger.”
A powerful message and an equally powerful messenger. Christie Hunter Arscott is the voice of the next generation of women leaders who are courageous and ready to begin boldly.
Maya Shankar
creator, Executive Producer and host of the Apple’s best podcast of the year for 2021, A Slight Change of Plans, made in collaboration with Malcolm Gladwell’s production company. Senior Director of Behavioral Economics at Google. Former Senior Advisor in the Obama White House and founder and Chair of the White House Behavioral Science Team
“Women becoming conscious of what they want is the most powerful shift that can take place in our lifetimes, but what do we do next?”
Women becoming conscious of what they want is the most powerful shift that can take place in our lifetimes, but what do we do next? This book is a beautiful roadmap for exactly that. It takes risk, courage, and a whole lot of purpose to accomplish anything, let alone create the life of your dreams. With these tools, anything is possible for any woman, if that is what she chooses for herself.
Katie Willcox
author, activist, host of Business Model, and founder and CEO, Natural Model Management and Healthy Is the New Skinny

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