On Coping In Crisis

Over the past few weeks, I, like so many others, have felt such overwhelming emotion that it has been crippling at times. As someone who works in the inclusion space, I am using this month’s newsletter to share some of the coping strategies I have used (with myself and my clients) to navigate this difficult […]

On Being Agile and Riding The Waves of Change

Change is both inevitable and scary. In Begin Boldly, I wrote an entire section dedicated to embracing change with an ‘Agile Mindset’ (something I admittedly struggled with for a large part of my life ). Within the chapters, I share that the more flexible you can be during times of change, the better. “Agility, flexibility, and adaptability […]

Closing Out Women’s History Month

I’m late… very late! Typically, I send out this newsletter on the first Friday of every month. Alas, here I am (on the last Friday of March) sending out this month’s roundup. The reality of life is that sometimes we drop the ball, have too many things on our plate, have unexpected things thrown at […]

On Managing Change & Beginning Again

Confession: My January was not bold or brilliant. With a five-year-old in tow, I faced a travel saga that is not for the faint of heart. It included the FAA grounding all planes, missed connections, hours in airports, delayed de-icing on the runway, hours sitting on the runway only to be taken back to the […]

On The Power of Problem Solving

To live boldly we must believe in our power to “figure things out” and it was my five-year-old son who reminded me of this when I needed it the most. We go on dates and adventures to chat and explore the world. He often asks me questions and shares observations and his understanding of what is […]