What the talent management world can learn from marketing
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Engaging the voice of Millennial Women to shape NextGen Talent Management Solutions

What is leading in marketing is lagging in talent and workforce management.

Would you ever create a marketing strategy targeted at a specific audience without engaging this audience for advice and insight?

For example, would you ever create a product for new moms without talking to new moms?

We see marketing machines popping up across the globe, focused on understanding the unique needs and buying behaviors of distinct consumer groups. They achieve this end by integrating the voice of buyer groups in the creation process. Unfortunately, the talent management landscape is lagging behind this movement.

The development of talent strategies is too often removed from the target populations they are trying to help.

In the case of Millennial Women, the talent management, research and popular media landscapes are largely influenced by senior leaders, researchers and consultants who are of a different gender and/or generation than the critical workforce segment on which they are focused. There is a glaring disconnect. As a result, Millennial Women feel alienated and misunderstood. It is no surprise that talent leaders are not reaping the rewards of talent investment.

With Millennials expected to account for 75% of the workforce in 2025, leading organizations need to address this disconnect and ensure they are creating strategies and programs informed by the people they want to help. It is time to integrate the voice of Millennial Women in talent management discussions and strategies.

What leading practices from marketing and product innovation can you apply to talent management in your organization?


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