Adding the - often absent - view of Millennial Women to hot topic discussions and debates.


Public speaking and debating at an international level from the age of 15, Christie is no stranger to the stage. Christie has been featured as a speaker, panelist and facilitator at women’s and diversity events hosted by the World Economic Forum, the Women's Forum for the Economy & Society, the International Consortium for Executive Development Research (ICEDR), ATHENA Leadership Awards, Fortune 500 companies, Big Four professional services organizations, leading academic institutions and other special-interest and community groups.

Sample topics include:

  • What Executives Need to Know About Millennial Women
  • Good ‘People’ Sense: Women’s strategies as people strategies
  • Advancing Women: How business skills can help manage the tension between work and home
  • The Advancement Nexus: It takes a village to support a NextGen leader
  • Building 'Understanding' Organizations: Seeking to understand the person behind the work
  • Changing the Work & Family Conversation: A call for “judgment-free flexibility” policies and programs
  • Terminology vs. Trends: How outdated language is undermining Millennial strategies
  • Abandoning Strengths & Development Areas: A value-based approach to advancement
  • Re-framing the Work-Life Debate: A new Millennial model
  • Beyond Ramps and Reintegration: Transitions as the new talent management focus
  • Women & Leadership: The unintended consequences of promoting a female style of management
  • When the Progressive can be Regressive: The other side of ‘progressive’ family-friendly policies

Other popular topics include: The Business Case for Change; Sponsorship & Mentorship; Leading Practices & Case Studies; Developing Inclusive Leaders; Unconscious Bias; The Journey From Diversity to Inclusion; Launching or Refreshing your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.

Christie offers consultations to understand your objectives and audience before tailoring her content to address your needs and desired format – including media appearances, keynotes, panel discussions or workshops.